re-souL rewards program

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The "re-souL rewards" program was developed as a way to thank our most loyal customers who have continued to purchase from us, season after season, year after year. You know who you are, and we love you!


So now, every purchase at re-souL will earn you points for your collection. The amount of points will vary depending on the item types and their values, but when you've collected 150 points, you'll automatically be eligible for a 25% discount on a future purchase.


which items are eligible?>
Pretty much any purchase will earn points for your collection, even sale items. Whether you're picking out a new pair of shoes or just finding a gift for a loved one, you'll automatically have points put into your collection.


If you purchase a gift certificate, you will not earn any points, however when you redeem a gift certificate towards a purchase, the points will be awarded at that time.


do points ever expire?>
No, never. Some customers will be able to fill up their collection in a season or two, some could be collecting for years. Either way, you'll be able to cash in your points for a 25% discount whenever you obtain 150 points in your collection.


do i have to keep track of my points?>
No, we take care of that for you. You can even ask about your collection total whenever you visit, or use the contact feature here at the website and we'll get back to you.

re-souL points are not transferrable, they are only for you. You can redeem your 25% discount on any one item, including sale items. However it is a one time shot. After you have redeemed 150 points for the discount purchase, your collection will be reduced (by 150) and you can continue to earn more points for a future redemption. 


So thanks you to all of our customers past and future, we hope you'll find this program to be just another reason to continue shopping at re-souL.