Yes, we are still open! While this pandemic tries to get the best of us, we forge ahead with plans to make shopping with us as safe as possible. What does that mean? All our COVID-19 prevention policies still are in place. We will adhere to the Washington State guidelines, which means at re-souL, we can only have 2 -3 max customers in the shop at a time for 30 minutes at a time.

Our schedule is as follows:

Monday - Appointment or knock at the door. ( Why? Because we have so much to do, we need an “office” day to catch up.) We are happy to have you!

Monday - Tuesday  CLOSED

Wednesday - Saturday 11am-6pm

Sunday - 11am - 5pm

ONLINE - 24/7

Different ways to shop :

Come to Ballard during our store hours.

Make an appointment- call or email us.

Shop online and we’ll ship it to you.

Shop online and pick up during store hours. Call us ahead and we’ll bring it to you for curbside pick-up.

Shop online and have it shipped. Usually takes one to three days if you are local.

We are working hard to update the website whenever we can, but as you know, that takes time. Please sign up for our email list as this is the best way to communicate all the latest and special promotions.

A final plea. Please, please continue to support your local small businesses. Total transparency ~ We are all working 3 times as hard to make sure our businesses survive during this crisis. Through social it looks as if we are all ok, but really we are ALL on life support. If you would like your neighborhood, your favorite shops and restaurants to continue to be here for you, then you need to put your dollars back into the local economy.

FINALLY - Thank you for continuing to shop with us at re-souL. Every single item you buy goes to support our employees and families. We could not be here without you!


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