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Elevate Your Style with Sustainability

Sustainability in fashion has become increasingly important throughout the years from the result of the fashion industry causing environmental impacts. Sustainable fashion minimizes these impacts by prioritizing where materials are being sourced, products are made, and how they are sold. A few ways sustainable fashion does this is by using less water, better materials, and providing better working conditions for the textile industry.  

At re-souL we are mindful of the brands we work with and the products we sell to help contribute to sustainability. We have an assortment of products that are sustainable from credible brands that align with our values. A few of these brands include Clae, Asportuguesas, Miz Mooz, and Vagabond Shoemakers. 

 Clae is committed to being sustainable through minimizing the footprint on the environment while providing you with comfort and timeless designs. 


 Asportuguesas are eco-friendly and sustainable by using 100% natural materials in all their uniquely designed products. These materials include a unique blend of rubber and 100% natural cork.


Miz Mooz partners with small family-owned businesses in Europe to craft high quality leather shoes for women. Since Miz Mooz utilizes family-owned factories, products have their own one-of-kind details from hand-burnishing.


Vagabond Shoemakers focus on the small details and overall craft of sustainable pieces. Their sustainable practices are throughout the entire process from sourcing materials, production, transportation, and consumption. 



Shop these timeless, elevated, and sustainable brands today at re-souL! 


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