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Gift Guides: The Happy Nester

Happy Holidays! We have some gift ideas that are sure to spark some joy even to the grinchiest ones on your list. Here are some ideas for the person who enjoys being at home. 

A linen apron that looks great as well as being functional. Use as a smock to protect your clothes. 

Little versatile porcelain plates designed by Misha Zadeh  that can be used for most anything. 

Matching tea towels for bath or kitchen. Would make a great eco-friendly gift wrap for a present too. 

Simple, modern and effective felt coasters to protect all the tables in the house. 
A minimalist tray to hold your favorite things. Made in the USA. 
Great smelling and colorful soap to make hand washing more pleasurable. 
Happy, colorful, print, mugs to fill up with your favorite coffee or tea. 
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