re-souL gets a re-fresh - re-souL

re-souL gets a re-fresh

We have been open for a couple of weeks and chances are you haven't been by the shop yet. While we were all in our stay-at-home period, we were in our stay-at-shop phase. Being in the same location for 17 years can take a toll on the wear and tear of a space. We have always wanted to make a few changes but were never afforded the luxury of closing the shop. Then came the pandemic, so we thought why not now?

Most changes are not that noticeable. The building was built in the early 1900's, so all the walls are made of plaster. You can only imagine after years of holes from hanging art and shelves, peeling paint and some water damage, we had a mess to fix. Legh took on the task of repairing crumbling walls and painting the high and hard spots. Katie and I worked on cleaning and painting too. What we hope you'll see the next time you come in is an open, clean, safe and fun space to shop. We hope to see you soon!


Legh on scaffolding, plastering walls.  Prepped and painted wall. Legh cleans the 14ft skylight. New Blue color for the back wall of the shop. Katie and Maggie paint a mural.

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