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DANI Naturals 7.5 oz Candle - Citrus Rose

DANI Naturals 7.5 oz Candle - Citrus Rose

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Dani's soy candles are an incredibly aromatic, eco-friendly experience.  The glass candles burn approximately 60 hours and make the perfect gift or personal treat! Available in great scents made with essential oils and natural soy. Choose from scents - Lemongrass Lavender, Bamboo Bergamot, Coconut Hibiscus, Grapefruit Ginger or Passion Fruit. 

Soy beans are a completely renewable resource and the United States is the largest grower of soy beans in the world... so burning soy candles actually helps support American farmers.

Unlike paraffin candles - which often use metal in their wicks - soy's lower burn temperature allows DANI to use 100% cotton wicks. This keeps the air toxin free and creates candles that burn up to 50% longer! 

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